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Linda Clark

Creative Works of Linda Clark

Victoria, VA


Linda Clark has always loved to paint though she has not always had the time. The self taught artist and her husband live in a rural area of Southside Virginia. Over the years she had been on the move keeping up with her three wonderful children who were very active in sports, dance and other activities but now she and her husband have an empty nest. With more time on her hands she has pulled out the paints and turned on Frank Sinatra music and begun creating works of art. She has dabbled with acrylics in the past but now is working predominantly with oils on canvas. She occasionally has works of folk art but most of her paintings are fine art realism. She is fascinated with vintage and childhood memories and often creates her past or some imaginary scene of the yesteryear in her paintings. She lets her mind go back in time by relaxing and listening to the oldies music while putting her brushes to work. Her idea is to create a happy time or to jog a memory of the past not only for herself but others that see her paintings. She thanks God for blessing her with the ability and time to pursue her dreams. You can visit her facebook page at


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